What do you guys do? It’s a question we get all the time and it’s hard to answer it in one sentence.  Thus we have gathered our areas of expertise into some categories.


Build a strong foundation and the rest will come. Network architecture is a specialty and strength. The Lightspeed Solution Architect, who holds a CCIE in Route/Switch and has years of experience, will work with you to develop a network design that will meet today’s needs and have you prepared for what comes next.

“But our system is unique!” We agree. No two infrastructures are alike and your business goals and objectives are yours alone. Extensive experience in a variety of industries such as financial, higher education, media, records management, healthcare, transportation, insurance, grocery and other retailers, and county governments (to name a few) has presented us with opportunities to research and develop specific solutions for each of our customers.

Reliability is crucial. Whether you are a large manufacturer or a niche services provider; whether you have one location or multiple sites spread out over several states, your network has to be available 24/7. We will work with you to prepare for the worst including redundancy and disaster recovery.


How do you communicate? Is it efficient? Is it easy? It should be. Lightspeed provides solutions that allow your employees, vendors and customers to communicate via the phones on their desks (video phones too), mobile devices, voice mail and email, video conferencing, WebEx and more.

Off-site workers. Call Centers. Emergency systems. Multiple offices. We’ve seen it all. Communication is  at the heart of what you do, so your systems need to be up to speed and up to date. Our design engineers will work with you to determine your current and future needs and create a solution that meets both.  From design to installation to support, we’ve got you covered.


“Can I get online here?” “I’m on the road, let me log in.” Wireless access is the norm – it’s expected. Lightspeed will help you plan for high-density usage, protecting users and securing your company’s critical data.

Bring Your Own Device is no longer the buzzword of the day – it’s reality. Being “unplugged” is a luxury (how many of us stay connected on vacations, etc.?) Access to people, information and applications 24/7/365 is critical to daily business activities. How do you allow access and at the same time protect your company’s systems? Lightspeed works in multiple industries with varying wireless requirements.  From higher education to hospitals; financial to manufacturing, Lightspeed can bring years of experience to the table.


Cisco, NetApp, VMware. Three industry leading companies used by Lightspeed to transform your data center by unifying computing, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single platform.

Should you use a cloud? Public or private? What about convergence? Do you need to add to storage? Is your network running the most current upgrades? What about a disaster recovery system? Data Center solutions are unique to your business.  Talk with us. Tell us what’s happening now and what your plans are going forward. We’ll design a solution that is appropriate, flexible and efficient.


Your Network and wireless systems have to be protected. Using next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, VPN and Web security and advanced malware protection, Lightspeed works with you to meet your needs for a system to monitor, protect and respond quickly.


Technology is so much more than switches, wires, phones and firewalls. It’s also about planning, education, financing and more.


We’ll look at everything to ensure the foundation of your system is solid and the core components such as routers, switches, battery backups, etc. are working at maximum potential. We’ll ask questions such as:  when were updates done; is your licensing up to date; what have you added or deleted from your system; and what issues/problems have you been experiencing.  It could just be gremlins, or it could be a more serious issue.  A Lightspeed system review (think of it as a check-up) will provide an objective review and report.


Email doesn’t seem to be working. One of your locations is having problems accessing files.  The phone system has been acting weird ever since that lightning strike. At Lightspeed we know when technology isn’t working quite right it can completely disrupt your day. The Support Center is there to help!

You can call us.  You can email us. Give us as much information as you can.  We’ll get someone on it pronto and keep you in the loop on our progress.  If you have an emergency – the network is completely down – it will be all “hands on deck” at Lightspeed to assist you through it.

An engineer is on call 24/7/365.

Funny looking man with a yellow wire in his mouth is trying to fix his computer.


Technology changes at an amazing pace.  This can be frustrating, especially when you’re about to make a commitment of time and money to upgrade or change your systems. Without a plan, those decisions can cost you more down the road.

We can’t say we have every answer – we don’t have a crystal ball.  But our experience in the industry means we have a strong working knowledge of approaching technology breakthroughs.  We can help you prepare for the future by making sure your current technology systems can make the transition today.


Sometimes it just helps to talk things through. At Lightspeed, we hold Tech Talk Seminars and Gold Labs on a regular basis so that you can sit in a room with an expert, your peers, etc. to learn about emerging technologies or discuss roadblocks you’ve encountered. There’s no sales talk. We’ll bring in an industry expert so you can pick his brain. Sometimes it’s a hands-on session where you can play with new equipment and technologies. How cool is that?

A retro bank manager sits and saves his money with purpose.


An arm and a leg. A necessary evil. The money pit. Yes, we’ve heard them all and we can sympathize. Technology purchases are part of the cost of doing business and, as no two businesses are exactly alike, we have worked with our vendors and financing partners to offer flexible plans to fit your budget and long-term capital expense plans.